Holistic Health Questionnaire

How stressed are you? And what is your health risk?

You will be glad to know that a comprehensive Stress Test is now available online to you.

Take the HHQ and get a complete map of your inscape. Not only may you be surprised at what you find, you will have a clear understanding of what specifically you need to address.


At Sampurnah : The Wholeness Practice, we believe true health is ‘holisticand includes your physical, emotional, mental, systemic and spiritual well-being.

In order to understand the importance of your immune system in the regulation of health and illness, we have designed a detailed online diagnostic tool (Holistic Health Questionnaire). This tool explores how stress causes lowering of immunity and analyses your stressors due to your lifestyle, your life-history and your life stance.

Our health is primarily secured by our immune system. The emerging science of Psycho-neuro-immunology clearly shows that the higher your stress levels, the greater your chances of illness. The better your coping resources or ‘strengths’, the more protected you are against illness. Therefore, it is important not only to get an understanding of your stressors but also to be aware of your strengths so that they can be leveraged to tackle your stressors.

This questionnaire aims to classify your stressors/strengths on the following dimensions:

  • Physical – diet, exercise, rest, consumption of alcohol/smoking, etc.
  • Emotional – conflicts, emotional blocks, unresolved issues, etc.
  • Mental – values, beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, etc.
  • Systemic – personal, family, social, professional, etc.
  • Spiritual – sense of identity, life purpose, faith, etc.

This online Stress test/Holistic Health Questionnaire (HHQ) can be taken by anyone. It costs Rs.500/- and takes about 45 minutes to complete. We believe it is an invaluable investment of your time and money. Hope you will agree!

This is a stand-alone product which is otherwise included as part of the other two services we offer:

In both the above cases, the Holistic Health Report provides us with a concrete starting point to begin appropriate therapeutic interventions for each individual.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that this report will give you the awareness and understanding to achieve a higher state of wellness!

Take the HHQ Now!!

“The HHQ is a comprehensive, well-designed, simple tool that was easy to comprehend and therefore, easy to respond to. I have always believed in the connectedness of the body, mind and spirit, hence it was insightful to understand how my stressors in the mental and emotional dimensions were in fact affecting my physical body. It was a good starting point to begin addressing my issues. And most importantly, since I was also made aware of my strengths through the HHQ report, it was encouraging to note that I could leverage my strengths in order to heal and release my stressors.” - Vidya Ramaswamy, HHQ

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