Sampurnah Team: Founders

Nilima Bhat: Founder-Director, Sampurnah

Co-author of ‘My Cancer Is Me: The Journey From Illness To Wholeness’, Nilima is a facilitator of personal transformation.

She helps individuals (and groups) in their quest for conscious evolution, expansion and healing. She does this through a process of self-understanding on many levels: physical, vital, mental, psychic and spiritual. As a certified yoga teacher, her central purpose is to first guide individuals to connect with their Deeper Self and then to live it with authenticity in all aspects of their lives.

Currently, Nilima is the founder-director of SAMPURNAH: The Wholeness Practice. Sampurnah stands for Wholeness, as the only lasting resolution to life’s twin challenges of ‘illness’ and ‘emptiness’.

Sampurnah offers two unique holistic and integrative medicine programs, which have been developed in-house after several years of R&D.

Therapeutic Program: for chronic & life-style conditions such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Allergies & Skin Conditions, Digestive Disorders,  Migraine, Anxiety & Depression

Stress Program: To improve workplace health /well-being and also take preventive steps to minimise the future risks of serious illness

Nilima has a degree in Life Sciences and Biochemistry and a PG Diploma in Social Communications Media. She has spent 10 years in the media and communications sector, with leading corporations such as ITC, Philips and ESPN STAR Sports.

She holds Teacher Training Certification from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre and the SriMa School of Transformational Yoga.

Regularly featured in leading publications like Life Positive, The Times Of India, Nilima is a sought-after speaker on Integral Yoga, Indian Culture and Women’s Empowerment, she is also a trained dancer, performer and choreographer with a background in Indian classical, folk and contemporary dance. She has co-founded a professional dance company (Sri Shakti) whose mission is to de-mystify Indian dance and spiritual sciences for international audiences.

She is presently actively involved with supporting the Conscious Capitalism movement and WIN (Women’s International Networking)


Vijay Bhat: Director, Sampurnah

Co-author of the highly acclaimed ‘My Cancer Is Me: The Journey From Illness To Wholeness’Vijay helps people (and organizations) who find themselves in transition and are challenged by the turbulence that inevitably accompanies it. He specialises in the areas of strategic consulting, leadership development, group training and individual coaching/ counselling. To these fields, he brings a holistic approach which combines his management wisdom, lived experience of dealing with cancer and psychological insight. Previously, he has served in various leadership positions, including Regional Strategy Director for Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific. He has a corporate experience of 25 yrs in India and overseas. Vijay is also a Qualified NLP & Enneagram practitioner.

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